Nissan Launches New NISMO Flipboard Magazines - Digital Gateway to Keeping Up with all things GT-R, Z® and Motorsports

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  • Three new digital magazines bring the NISMO brand to life at
  • New content and photos from around the Nissan performance world posted daily
  • Digital magazines developed in partnership between Nissan Marketing Innovation Lab and N4MD
  • New Flipboard magazines launched in time for debut of new Nissan GT-R NISMO supercar

LOS ANGELES, Cal. - Nissan today announced the launch of a new digital magazine portal dedicated to the world-renowned Nissan GT-R supercar and NISMO, Nissan's performance and motorsports group.

Available at, the digital reader application's free availability coincides with this week's world and North American debuts of the new Nissan GT-R NISMO at the Tokyo Motor Show and Los Angeles Auto Show respectively.

"We have developed three digital magazines, each with a different editorial slant, that combine to tell the full NISMO and Nissan performance story," said Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc.

The individual digital magazines include:

  • 100Rear/50Front - Articles and stunning photography all about the Nissan GT-R

  • Car Love - The best photos of Nissan sports cars from around the web, supplemented with exclusive images from Nissan's own photo library

  • And NISMO Performance - Stories and photos about Nissan Motorsports teams and cars

Nissan's unique U.S. Marketing Innovation Lab took the lead in developing the digital magazine content curation, partnering with N4MD (pronounced "informed"), a startup tech company based in Atlanta. N4MD offers unique technology that pulls the best content from around the web about the NISMO brand and presents it in a simple user interface. N4MD's Interest Server tool publishes the selected content to Flipboard, a digital reader with over 90 million users.

"We believe this approach offers a very rich, immersive customer experience that brings the Nissan, NISMO and GT-R brands to life it a way that provides readers with complete control and an easy-to-navigate interface," added Brancheau. "N4MD gives us a terrific way to gather, filter and share the best Nissan performance-oriented content on the web."

Nissan's Marketing Innovation Lab
Working with startup companies through the Marketing Innovation Lab offers Nissan direct access to new technologies at a fraction of the cost of more established properties. The Marketing Innovation Lab staffers have years of advertising agency, direct marketing and technology experience.

"We are always looking for new ways to communicate with our owners and car enthusiasts. You could liken the team at the Innovation Lab to the judges on the popular ABC network show Shark Tank," said Brancheau. "We can leverage our brand strength to drive our fans to this kind of new media experience. Nissan's marketing tagline is ‘Innovation that Excites,' so supporting new ideas and leaders makes sense. With the new Flipboard magazine portal we've come up with a winner right out of the box."

"We are excited to work with the Nissan Marketing Innovations Lab, which has allowed us to "tune" our content curation product, The Interest Server, to fit the needs of a world-class company like Nissan," said James Harris, co-founder and CEO, N4MD. "Nissan's Marketing Innovations Lab team's commitment to working with startups speaks volumes about Nissan's corporate innovation, on and off the track."



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