News Releases

Jun. 27, 2007

Nissan Donates Last X-TRAIL Bonavista Unit

Nissan Canada Inc. is proud to announce the donation of the last unit of 2006 X-TRAIL Bonavista Special Edition to the Town of Bonavista and Mayor Betty Fitzgerald. The Special Edition X-TRAIL is unique to Canada and was named after the...
Mar. 14, 2007

Nissan Canada Media Contacts

PR TEAM - CANADA Didier Marsaud Corporate Manager Office: +1 (905) 629-6400 E-mail:
Mar. 8, 2007

Nissan Townpod Concept Press Kit: Overview

Not so many years ago the car's basic remit might have been to take a single occupant to work five days a week, have sufficient trunk space for a weekly trip to the supermarket and enough seats to transport a nuclear family to the coas...
Nissan Amenio Concept
Mar. 7, 2007

Nissan Amenio Concept Press Kit: Overview

The Amenio is a six-passenger, multi-purpose people carrier that takes Nissan's Modern Living concept to a new level. The Amenio is targeted at users who need a vehicle for their own individual needs but also place a high priority on f...
Mar. 1, 2007

Nissan Townpod Concept Press Kit: At a Glance

An unprecedented tool for today's entrepreneurs Simple platform, which users can tailor to their own needs Combines benefits of a passenger car with practicality of a light commercial vehicle Compact external dimensi...
Nissan Micra C+C Concept
Apr. 4, 2006

Nissan Micra C+C Concept Press Kit: Overview

The latest chapter in the Micra story is set to open with the arrival of the Micra C+C coupé/convertible which was designed and engineered in the UK and will be built here, too. Thanks to its clever folding roof, Micra C+C allow...
Jan. 19, 2006

Innovative Nissan Actic Concept Creates A "Digital Canvas"

Innovation springs from many places, according to the designers of the Nissan Actic concept vehicle, including items as simple as the small, handheld technology devices ranging from key fobs and PDAs to MP3 players and GPS systems. The ...
Nissan Sport Coupe Concept
Jan. 19, 2006

At A Glance: Nissan AZEAL Coupe Concept

The Nissan AZEAL Coupe Concept is a fresh interpretation of the classic compact sports coupe - an affordable, performance-oriented entry-level coupe with the style and personality to match the lifestyles of its young, active target buyer...
Jan. 2, 2006

Nissan URGE Concept Press Kit: Intro

Somewhere between the real and virtual worlds lives a bold new sports car concept – the Nissan URGE. Bare, exposed, agile and caged in safety and technology, URGE is unique, affordable and easily understood. Both driver’s c...