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Nissan Legend Yoshisuke Aikawa: A Modern Man with Insight
Oct. 31, 2014

Nissan Legends: The History of Nissan Motor

Inside the doors at Nissan Motor Corporation, we hope that each one of us will continue to be among these "Moving "People" who influence customers emotionally well into the future, continuing the proud tradition established and maintained over the past 80 years.
Nissan Patrol SUV
Oct. 27, 2014

Nissan to provide vehicles for support against Ebola in Liberia

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is donating vehicles to be used as ambulances in Liberia to help ongoing efforts to fight the Ebola virus. Liberia is one of the countries worst affected in West Africa by the epidemic. The ambulances, based on the Nissan Patrol SUV, will be provided to the President’s office of Liberia, which will organize their deployment.