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Venucia Aims to Be China's EV No.1
Apr. 24, 2013

Venucia Aims to Be China’s EV No.1

Nissan's local Chinese brand, Venucia, unveiled its electric VIWA concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show, hoping to ride on the government's plan to popularize zero-emissions technology.
The Dashboard On the Road: Two Years On
Mar. 28, 2013

The Dashboard On the Road: Two Years On

This week the Dashboard On the Road comes to you from northern Japan, where we look at the state of recovery two years after an earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster hit the region.
Carlos Ghosn
Mar. 26, 2013

Nissan CEO: EV Sales, Production, Infrastructure and China

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says localization and lower costs will be key to Nissan's leadership in China's emerging electric car market. Ghosn, speaking at Kansai University amid a gathering of Nissan LEAF owners and students, told the Global Media Center that with China's 2 million electric car goal for 2020, Nissan will do everything possible to be the EV leader.