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Toshiyuki Shiga
Mar 17, 2015

UN strategies for disaster risk reduction

The U.N. World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is putting an exclamation point on lessons learned from recent calamities and what more can be done to prepare for the inevitable.
The electric road to recovery
Mar 15, 2015

EV for resilience: The electric road to recovery

The UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction is underway, and electric vehicles (EVs) can play a key role in responding to crises, such as the one the Tohoku region experienced four years ago.
Helping Northern Japan Rebuild
Oct 2, 2012

Helping Northern Japan Rebuild

Along the scenic coastline of Japan's Iwate Prefecture, the destruction of last year's earthquake and tsunami is harder to discern as recovery continues.
Mar 9, 2012

Nissan CEO Message on the March 11 Anniversary

It is now a year since the tragic events of March 11, 2011, one of the darkest days in Japan’s recent history and a crisis that tested the spirit of the nation. The magnitude-9 earthquake that struck the Tohoku region of north...
Nissan Sunderland Plant Celebrates Production of One Millionth Nissan Qashqai
Jul 18, 2011

Nissan CEO: Honmoku is "The Benchmark"

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn punctuated the automaker’s recovery from the natural disasters that struck Japan in March, visiting an important port that kept its car parts and vehicles moving during the crisis. In the wake of the tw...
Jul 6, 2011

Japan's Energy Saving Drive Changes the Work Week

At Nissan’s Oppama Plant, Wednesdays are the new Fridays. A work week beginning on Saturday and ending Wednesday is part of a government-mandated drive to cut energy use 15 percent, coming in the wake of Japan's devastating Ma...
Jul 1, 2011

Nissan Recovery Stories

At 2:46 in the afternoon on March 11, an unprecedented disaster struck Japan, claiming over 24,000 lives and threatening the safety and livelihoods of millions in the country. For Nissan, some five staff and 17 family members perish...
May 6, 2011

Japan Factories Gear Up for Recovery

At Nissan factories across Japan, production is increasing as the automaker and country recover further. After the tragic events of March 11, Nissan's car output in Japan fell 52.4 percent and its exports 12.5 percent during the mon...