Davos Gets Into Action

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DAVOS, Switzerland – With the World Economic Forum now under way in Davos, the town's usual crowds of skiers and snowboarders have been joined by international politicians and influential CEOs. The accessory of choice is no longer ski poles and tinted goggles; it's laptop bags and leather briefcases.

As in previous years, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has sent a select delegation of senior executives to this key meeting of worldwide decision makers. Not far from the snow-capped mountains, they will be attempting to conquer their own summits, focusing their combined efforts on crucial challenges for the future.

The theme of this year's Forum is "Resilient Dynamism," a call to action for leaders to start building an economy that blends flexibility and robustness with the ability to ensure constant growth. Sustainability is at the heart of this equation – and for the auto industry, that means developing vehicles that can withstand oil shocks, building more efficient combustion engines, and developing zero-emission cars that can be powered purely on renewable energy.

Over the next few days, we'll be bringing you updates on this and other major themes from Davos, including a host of innovative ideas from Alliance insiders and young leaders.


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Issued by Nissan