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Nissan Mexicana Blazes the Path for a Zero Emissions Future
Feb 12, 2013

VIDEO REPORT: Nissan Mexicana Blazes the Path for a Zero Emissions Future

About 70 taxi drivers in México have been driving fully electric Nissan LEAFs for more than a year now as part of a pilot program launched in 2011. The objective is to showcase the car's technology while building experience and evidence of the Nissan LEAF potential under various driving conditions in México.
Frontier 10 anos
Feb 6, 2013

NBA Reports 7,453 Units Sold in January

After announcing a sales record in 2012 with 100,000 units sold and becoming Brazil’s top growing brand, Nissan do Brasil has kicked the year off on track. With 7,453 units sold in January, Nissan has 2.5% market share. The pickup Frontier and the compact sedan Versa were the highlights of the month.
2013 Nissan Pathfinder
Jan 9, 2013

Nissan has Record-Breaking 2012 in Mexico

Nissan announced that it had a record-setting 2012 reaching historical highs and achieving the number one position in multiple areas of its 51-year operation in the country.
Nissan March
Jan 8, 2013

Nissan do Brasil is Top Growing Brand in 2012

Nissan do Brasil reached a new milestone in 2012. In addition to being the top growing automaker for the third consecutive year, Nissan do Brasil has for the first time exceeded 100,000 units sold in the domestic market. These are considerable results for Nissan, taking into account the issues faced by the brand due to vehicle shortages at dealerships.
Nissan March
Dec 19, 2012

NBA Sets Record of 100,000 Cars Sold in One Year

Nissan do Brasil is announcing a record of 100,000 units sold in one year. The previous record was set in 2011 when it sold 67,280 units while also recording the largest increase in sales. With six days left until the end of the year, NBA has already benefited from an increase of 49% compared to the previous year.
Brazilian Sunsets, People, Inspiration for Nissan's New Concept Car
Nov 2, 2012

VIDEO REPORT: Inspirado - Brazilian Sunsets, People, Inspiration for Nissan's New Concept Car

Nissan is strengthening its presence in Brazil where it aims to achieve 5 percent market share by 2016. The company is building a new manufacturing plant in Rio de Janeiro that is scheduled to start operation in 2014. And, the company made big news at the Sao Paulo motor show, the largest show in South America, with a new concept car designed specifically for the Brazilian market, the Nissan Extrem.
Oct 22, 2012

Nissan at São Paulo Motor Show: Brazil is Key Market for Company's Growth

With strong sales growth, a new plant, an expanding dealer network, and the Rio 2016™ Olympics and Paralympic games sponsorship around the corner, Nissan today reaffirmed Brazil as an important strategic market. The company will display innovative products at the 27th São Paulo International Motor Show (October 24 – November 4) that demonstrate a deep relationship with Brazil.