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Nissan New Mobility Concept (Japanese model shown)

Nissan New Mobility Concept

The Nissan New Mobility Concept is an ultra-compact 100% electric vehicle that was developed in response to rising numbers of senior citizens and single-member households, along with increasing use of automobiles for short-distance trips by up to two people.
Moms on the Move
Feb 21, 2013

Moms on the Move

Shoppers are in full force despite snow in north Yokohama, where Nissan's New Mobility Concept vehicle is taking a step closer to the roads of Japan – and the hands of consumers.
Best of 2012 - Sustainability
Dec 27, 2012

Best of 2012 – Sustainability

Many of the stories we've told this year reflect the strong emphasis Nissan places on creating a zero-emission society, attaining leading fuel efficiency and introducing core green technologies.
EV-ergreen in Yokohama
Nov 16, 2012

EV-ergreen in Yokohama

Could this be the future of transportation in Japan? Zero-emissions, small and easy to maneuver and still with a seat in the back for parents to do the school run.