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Oct 7, 2008

Nissan Townpod Concept Press Kit: Intro

As our working and living situations evolve with the opportunities afforded by the digital age, our cars must adapt to the way we conduct our lives. Throughout the world, a new breed of entrepreneur has emerged. Preferring to work for ...
Mar 8, 2007

Nissan Townpod Concept Press Kit: Overview

Not so many years ago the car's basic remit might have been to take a single occupant to work five days a week, have sufficient trunk space for a weekly trip to the supermarket and enough seats to transport a nuclear family to the coas...
Mar 1, 2007

Nissan Townpod Concept Press Kit: At a Glance

An unprecedented tool for today's entrepreneurs Simple platform, which users can tailor to their own needs Combines benefits of a passenger car with practicality of a light commercial vehicle Compact external dimensi...