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Experience the Digital Thrill of Juke Nismo, Then Drive it for Real
Dec 6, 2012

Experience the Digital Thrill of Juke Nismo, Then Drive it for Real

Players of a new update of Asphalt 7: Heat can now test the Nissan Juke Nismo and the Juke-R to the limit in the digital world and win the chance to be one of the first to drive the new Juke Nismo for real. Winners will also get a high speed thrill ride in the Juke-R, experiencing its cult appeal first hand.
From Concept to Reality … to Virtual Reality
Oct 16, 2012

From Concept to Reality … to Virtual Reality

They said it was impossible. They said it would never happen. Today's the day that the Juke-R doubters are silenced, as the production version #001 emerges from the pit garage - in both real and virtual worlds.
Nissan Juke-R - Shakedown and Testing: The finished Juke-R was tested on Silverstone's Stowe circuit
Dec 7, 2011

Nissan JUKE-R: Shakedown and Testing

The moment has finally come for Juke-R to hit the track! With the build complete, engineers take Juke-R to MIRA proving ground to check all systems work correctly before heading to Silverstone to push the car's limits.
Nov 30, 2011

Nissan JUKE-R: Finishing Touches

Juke-R is not a stripped-out racing machine; it has all the interior comforts you'd expect from a road car. Juke's dashboard and centre console have been carefully merged with GT-R's controls, with carpets fitted throughout.
Nissan Juke-R - Handling   All damper and wishbone mounts were transferred directly from GT-R to Juke-R
Nov 28, 2011

Nissan JUKE-R: Handling

The Juke-R is a project that turns the Nissan Juke into a supercar crossover. In order to make it handle like a GT-R, the Juke-R features a purpose-built roll cage to provide the rigidity required to handle the GT-R's speed.
Nissan JUKE-R: Body Styling
Nov 21, 2011

Nissan JUKE-R: Body Styling

The Juke-R made an impact as soon as it was revealed thanks to the way its looks combine the bold styling of Juke with the supercar nature of the GT-R engine and drivetrain hiding beneath its skin.