Nissan GT Academy Competition Season 2: The Drivers

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SILVERSTONE, UK – Nissan GT Academy is back for a second season, seeking to determine which of America's best Gran Turismo® video gamers has what it takes to become a professional racing driver.

Nissan North America, in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment America and Polyphony Digital, has announced the first of six episodes to air on SPIKE TV beginning Thursday, November 1 at 11:30 p.m. Eastern/10.30 p.m. Central.

Below are profiles of the drivers who will compete in intense boot camp that combines physical and psychological challenges in addition to on-track driving in a variety of performance vehicles.

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Name: Darwin Albano
Age: 24
Location: Temecula, CA
PlayStation ID: darweeze

After narrowly making it through the Finals, this UCSD finance graduate never thought he would have gotten this far. Now his dream job as a pro race car driver is within reach.



Name: Edward Gomez
Age: 25
Location: Las Vegas, NV
PlayStation ID: Wardez

A stage technician in Las Vegas, Ed's family has been in show business for 25 years. This year he hopes to find himself in the limelight, rather than just setting it up.



Name: Joe Alves
Age: 20
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
PlayStation ID: VELOCI_2NR

With 10,000 hours of GT 5 under his belt and his longest session lasting 17 hours, Joey is adept behind the wheel. But what happens when he takes it out of the game room and onto the track?



Name: Rees Gould
Age: 37
Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA
PlayStation ID: Red Reevos

The oldest of the group with a GMAT score of 760 on his resume, Rees hopes his smarts will give him the edge at Silverstone.



Name: Nick Barbato
Age: 30
Location: Wethersfield, CT
PlayStation ID: Forcednduckshn

With a degree in mechanical engineering, an intense love of racing and a decent amount of track time, Nick feels he has everything it takes to go pro.



Name: Darren Guaio
Age: 31
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
PlayStation ID: TRC_HUNK

Remarkably, Darren says he qualified with only 10 hours of gaming. But with the kind of competition facing him at Silverstone, he can't afford to be complacent.



Name: Jett Chandler
Age: 22
Location: Salinas, CA
PlayStation ID: Jett_Racer

The son of a pro street bike racer, and having himself reached speeds of 198mph, you could say racing is in Jett's blood.



Name: Jeff Lund
Age: 28
Location: Apex, NC
PlayStation ID: redsoxboy80

Despite once flipping his car 3 times, pizza deliveryman Jeff Lund is still hoping to trade in his delivery wheels for a Nissan GT-R.



Name: Austin Cobb
Age: 27
Location: Mobile, AL
PlayStation ID: TRC_Scooty

An IT consultant and former Coastguard, happy-go-lucky Austin will race whatever "tintop" he can get himself into.



Name: Kyle Preston
Age: 24
Location: Redding, CA
PlayStation ID: A7XMaverick

With countless hours in his GT 5 sled, but hardly any time on a track, Kyle's greatest concern is making the transition from virtual to reality.



Name: Matthew Cresci
Age: 19
Location: Los Gatos, CA
PlayStation ID: Topgear3793

The youngest competitor in GT Academy this year, Matt is determined not to let his age stand in the way of his dream.



Name: Brian Rice
Age: 26
Location: The Colony, TX
PlayStation ID: TX_Driven3

Last year, Brian made it to the Finals but got disqualified. Now he's back to redeem himself. Will his determination and experience racing Legends cars in Texas be enough to win him a place on the GT world circuit?



Name: Stephen Diem
Age: 23
Location: Kailua, HI
PlayStation ID: S_Diem

Passionate about racing since he was a little boy, but with nowhere to race in his home state of Hawaii, Stephen is leaning hard on his cardio training.



Name: Eric Rivera
Age: 22
Location: Easton, PA
PlayStation ID: Redline gts

With zero track time and little fitness, Eric faces an uphill struggle. Maybe his racing mantra of 'go hard or go home' will carry him through.



Name: Steve Doherty
Age: 28
Location: Cherry Valley, IL
PlayStation ID: BICDRIVER49

Steve loves racing: he went to auto school, so he could work on cars, so he could race them. But will his passion for the track translate into real GT ability?



Name: Jeff Stuart
Age: 26
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
PlayStation ID: Rack Attack

A software engineer who placed 5th at Autocross Nationals last year, Jeff's hoping his track experience will put some distance between him and the other guys.


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