Quick Comfort Seat Heater

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A seat that heats up fast and stays warm, combating fatigue and relaxing you

Quick Comfort™ heated front seats are designed to immediately begin warming the body parts that are most sensitive to heat, such as the thighs and hips. Then, to maintain a warm, cozy feeling, the heater increases heating on body pressure points.

The seat optimizes the place and temperature control according to the time after the heater activates. It reduces the time it takes until you feel warm and maintains comforting warmth for longer. As blood circulation improves, fatigue when driving is minimized, relaxing drivers in the car.

Technology Functionality
Based on joint research conducted with Kyushu University's Faculty of Design that the human body feels heat transference efficiency and comfort depending on the region, the seat's heater density and heater temperature controls have been optimized. In the initial stage of heater activation, the knees and posterior are heated, while once the temperature has stabilized, the hips and thighs are heated. This shortens the amount of time between activation of the seat heater and the point when a passenger feels warm by 30%.

The heating density ratio of the heater lines in the sheet has been optimized as per the seat parts. The heater line density for the knees and posterior, which feel heat easily, has been reduced, concentrating on the hips and thighs. This design achieves a temperature balance that does not need to add new controls, meaning a comfortable seat temperature is supplied without increase in cost.


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Issued by Nissan