Todd Kelly gives the inside story behind the Altima V8 Supercar engine

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MELBOURNE, Australia – In this special video, Altima V8 Supercar driver Todd Kelly explains the process of modifying the VK56 engine from the Australian market Nissan Patrol SUV into the engines powering the Nissan Altima V8 Supercars.

"One of the things that took us by surprise with the Nissan VK56 engine was how quick we got on top of the teething problems and how reliable the engine actually is," said Kelly. "This engine in the race car only revs to 7500, but it's just screaming out to rev to eight and a half or 9000 revs, and that did surprise me how robust it is because we are talking about a road car-based engine versus an engine that has been developed for motorsport for 25 years. It'll do two or three times as many Ks between rebuilds as what we used to get out of our engines, so (it's) extremely reliable. We have a chassis from a Nissan Altima on it that you can go into a showroom and buy, and you can look right next to the Altima at the Nissan Patrol and see the engine that's in our race car as well. So the amount of DNA that we've got in our race car out of a showroom is massive."


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