News Releases

Nissan Intima Concept
Mar. 22, 2011

Nissan Intima Concept Press Kit: Overview

Nissan's "Modern Living Concept" for car interiors combines attractive design, hospitality, relaxation and high quality with high levels of functionality and advanced technology. To date, the Modern Living Concept has been su...
Nissan Mixim Concept
Mar. 22, 2011

Nissan Mixim Concept Press Kit: Overview

The Mixim concept car is a compact vehicle for young drivers who are mostly engaged by their computer and the world via the internet. The driver sits centrally, with two seats either side, while the steering wheel and controls are insp...
Nissan Pivo 2 Concept
Mar. 22, 2011

Nissan Pivo 2 Concept Press Kit: Overview

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, recently unveiled the Pivo 2, an advanced electric concept car that will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Pivo 2 builds on the popularity of the first Pivo, shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show.
Mar. 20, 2011

Nissan Report #6 - Post Earthquake Activities -

We at Nissan express our deepest condolences to the victims of the earthquake, and extend our deepest sympathy to those individuals and families still suffering from the disaster. Nissan is committed to making all efforts to support th...
Mar. 16, 2011

Nissan Report #5 - Post Earthquake Activities -

An update to previous reports regarding the impact of the recent earthquake on Nissan and the facilities of our affiliated companies. Forecast on future production Although all plants, except for the Iwaki engine plant, have been a...