News Releases

Jun. 11, 2010

The 'New Car' Experience

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NML) has invited nearly 500 people to experience the world’s first mass-production, 100% electric, zero-emission car – Nissan LEAF - at the company’s Oppama test t...
Jun. 2, 2010


Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) today reported May 2010 sales of 83,764 units versus 67,489 units a year earlier, an increase of 24.1 percent, compared with May 2009. Nissan Division sales rose 24.1 percent for the month, while sales...
May. 20, 2010

30 Nissan D22 4x4 Pick-Up Trucks Arrive in Haiti

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that 30 Nissan D22 4x4 pick-up trucks arrived in Haiti and were received by the United Nations’ World Food Programme. The trucks will be put to work immediately to deliver food, supplies an...
Nissan Leaf
May. 14, 2010

Nissan Opens LEAF Reservations To General Public

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) is opening reservations for the Nissan LEAF zero-emission, all-electric vehicle on May 15 to the general public. The reservation process is a first step in securing a place on the list to purchase or le...
May. 10, 2010

2005 Nissan Pathfinder Press Kit: At A Glance

The all-new, third-generation Nissan Pathfinder is designed to offer the best balance in its segment of off-road capabilities and on-road utility. True to its roots as a powerful, authentic family adventure-enhancing sport utility veh...