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Dave Mazur

Dave Mazur

Dave Mazur is vice president, Market Intelligence, Brand and Regional Revenue Optimization, Nissan North America, a position to which he was appointed in January 2014.
Europe's Green eMotion initiative gets going
Apr. 11, 2011

Europe's Green eMotion initiative gets going

The Renault Nissan Alliance is one of more than 40 organisations taking part in a four-year pan-European initiative to promote electromobility. The €42 million initiative, called Green eMotion, is being spearheaded by the Europ...
Apr. 8, 2011

Nissan Report - Post Earthquake Activities (Japan)

We at Nissan express our deepest sympathy to those individuals and families still suffering from the disaster. Nissan is ready to resume normal operations based on delivery of parts from our suppliers. All plant will resume operatio...
Nissan Dunehawk Concept
Apr. 5, 2011

Nissan Dunehawk Concept Press Kit: Overview

The Dunehawk is Nissan's solution to matching full MPV versatility with the dynamic attributes of a genuine SUV. Combining eye-catching lines with thoughtful features and genuine practicality, Dunehawk paves the way for Nissan's 4x4 fu...
Nissan Jikoo Concept
Apr. 5, 2011

Nissan Jikoo Concept Press Kit: Overview

Jikoo is a small, prestigious open-top two-seater that expresses the spirit of challenge and sporty tradition that have distinguished Nissan since its establishment. The design motif was inspired by the Datsun Roadster that was rolled ...
Nissan Terranaut Concept
Apr. 5, 2011

Nissan Terranaut Concept Press Kit: Overview

The Geneva Motor Show represents the world premiere of the Nissan Terranaut, a 4x4 vehicle which is intended for explorers and those customers with a spirit of adventure who want to travel to the extreme corners of the globe. While, at...
Nissan Tone Concept
Apr. 5, 2011

Nissan Tone Concept Press Kit: Overview

Nissan's latest show car adds a new dimension to the traditional B-segment market. Part sporty hatchback, part mini MPV, Tone is designed to appeal to both the head and the heart. Taking centre stage on the Nissan stand at the Paris Sa...
Nissan Foria Concept
Apr. 5, 2011

Nissan Foria Concept Press Kit: Overview

The Foria is a compact coupe concept targeted at customers looking for performance, elegance and high quality. The feeling one experiences when seeing or touching well-designed and crafted objects was uppermost in the minds of the Fori...