News Releases

Feb. 9, 2011

Nissan Net Income at 80.1 Billion Yen in the Third Quarter

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today announced financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2010, ending March 31, 2011, as well as the first nine months. In the third quarter, the consolidated net income totaled 80.1 billion yen (U...
Nissan DeltaWing: Development Timeline
Feb. 7, 2011

Nissan DeltaWing: Development Timeline

The Nissan DeltaWing has grabbed headlines, turned heads, and divided opinions wherever it has gone. For Nissan, a company known for delivering innovation that excites, this project has gathered great momentum throughout the season, providing excitement for fans of motorsport but has also caught the eye of non-motorsport fans intrigued by the car's unique design.
Feb. 7, 2011

Nissan LEAF Brings Eco-Friendly Tourism to Okinawa

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced it has delivered 220 units of its 100% electric and zero-emission Nissan LEAF to rental car companies in Okinawa Prefecture, to support the project "Eco-resort Island Okinawa Promotion Project&quot...
Feb. 3, 2011

The Age of Electric Motoring Begins in Europe

The first regular shipment of 100% electric Nissan LEAFs bound for Europe is today arriving in North East England. The 67 Nissan LEAFs aboard the ‘City of St. Petersburg', Nissan's brand new energy-saving car carrier for trans...
Feb. 1, 2011

Nissan North America Sales Rise 14.8% in January

Download January 2011 Sales Chart Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) today reported January U.S. sales of 71,847 units versus 62,572 units a year earlier, an increase of 14.8 percent. Nissan Division sales were up 15.4 percent for th...
Jan. 31, 2011

Nissan Delivers Hawaii's First 100% Electric Nissan LEAF

Today, Nissan North America Inc. (NNA) brought sustainable mobility to Hawaii with the arrival of the state’s first all-electric Nissan LEAF. Bill Markevitch took delivery of his Nissan LEAF SL today at New City Nissan of Honolul...