Concepts Nouvelles

NISSAN BladeGlider : Le Secret Derrière La Performance Supérieure De La NISSAN BladeGlider
Nov. 8, 2013

BladeGlider to Soar at Tokyo Motor Show: Sneak Peek

Nissan BladeGlider, debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show, is both the future direction of Nissan electric vehicles and an exploratory prototype of the Nissan ZEOD RC from the world’s leading EV manufacturer.
Nissan Friend-ME Concept for a New Generation
Apr. 20, 2013

Nissan Friend-ME Concept for a New Generation

Nissan today revealed its Friend-Me concept, a four-passenger sedan designed for a generation with a very different automotive outlook. With an assertive, imposing exterior featuring boldly flowing sculpted lines, Friend-Me is a confident creature of the night, meant to be seen in bright city lights.